Engagement Ring Guide

The classic engagement ring consists of two parts, the setting and a diamond. For best value find a setting she will love and devote the remainder of your budget to a stunning diamond. 

An engagement ring should be a timeless, classic symbol of your love that will last a lifetime. Our job at Facets is making sure you choose the perfect ring. 

How Much Should I Spend?

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An engagement ring is a considered purchase that will last a lifetime. Tradition is two months salary as a starting point, but you should only spend what you can afford and what feels right for you. 

We here at Facets believe quality should take priority when considering your budget. Our expert consultants are on hand to provide options such as a more affordable setting or stone, to ensure the highest possible quality within your price range. 

Choosing The Ring She'll Love

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Discovering what kind of ring your loved one will like can be extremely difficult, especially if you want to keep your proposal a secret. Things to consider are metals, stone shape, stone weight and ring size. Look at their current jewellery to see what would best suit their style - Are they a gold or platinum person? Do they wear statement jewellery or prefer minimal pieces? 

Ask trusted friends or family what sort of ring your beloved might like and pay attention to comments given on rings as friends and family members get engaged. 

Choosing The Right Diamond

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Whether you want the largest or the highest quality diamond, or a balance between the two, read our diamond education section to get a full understanding of what you’re buying so you can be confident in your purchase.

At Facets, we aim to source the best stone for your budget. If you are looking to purchase a 1 carat stone, for example, by opting for a slightly smaller diamond of similar cut, colour and clarity, the size difference will be negligible but the savings considerable. 

Choosing The Right Jeweller


Choosing the right jeweller is one of the most important factors in making the perfect proposal. We at Facets guarantee that we will never sell the same bespoke design twice, making your ring unique to her and your story. With diamond traceability and responsibly sourced materials, our expertly crafted engagement rings are ideal for the ethically conscious jewellery buyer. Facets also provides free jewellery appraisals, valuations and re-sizing of your jewellery.