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Facets Signature Engagement Rings - Coming Soon

Whether you seek the simple elegance of a timeless solitaire or desire the opulence of a diamond encrusted band, Facets signature engagement ring collection features a stunning variety of classic and contemporary engagement rings to suit most tastes.

Spark your imagination today and take inspiration from some of the engagement rings we’ve created here in our London workshop.

Facets Bespoke Engagement Rings

For something truly unique, why not create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind engagement ring inspired by her. Whether you already have a design in mind, or you require a little inspiration, our highly skilled designers and jewellers will help turn your ideas into a beautiful piece of jewellery that will be cherished and loved forever. Speak with a member of our team today to find out all about Facets Bespoke Jewellery Service.

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A Time Honoured Tradition

Like so many of our customs today, engagement rings can be traced all the way back to Ancient Rome. Rather than a symbol of love however, early Romans ‘claimed’ their bride-to-be by presenting an iron ring which represented strength, permanence and ownership.

Diamonds were first used in engagement rings in the 15th Century. Yet it wasn’t until 1947, when British mining company De Beers launched their iconic “A Diamond is Forever” campaign, that diamonds soared in popularity.

In recent years, we have started to see a shift in engagement ring preferences. Though the diamond engagement ring is still the most popular choice, people are beginning to move towards less traditional designs with more and more couples opting for coloured stones, vintage pieces and non-traditional materials – each looking for a ring to best reflect their unique personality and style.

Our Engagement Ring Guide

Click below to view our guide to choose the perfect engagement ring for your loved one. We cover everything from style, diamond, setting as well as how to judge the right size and spend.

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